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The 2021–2022 Grand Wagoneer Concept

If there's one great news that will warm hearts in this uncommon year, it's the arrival of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept. It truly is the return of an icon. After nearly thirty years of absence, the Wagoneer is expected to make a powerful comeback on our roads in 2021. The Jeep brand presents a Wagoneer whose lines and power are reminiscent of the original Grand Wagoneer, while featuring futuristic technologies.

Galt Chrylser, your Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealer in Cambridge introduces the next model year of the legendary full-size SUV.

Classic, Futuristic Version

If the original Wagoneer revolutionized its time with its first model in 1963, Jeep is once again introducing a revolutionary SUV for 2021. The sturdy silhouette and spacious interior have remained unchanged, but at first glance, it's a resolutely modern vehicle that presents itself to us.

One look reveals a unique grille that's bolder than ever, with 180 degree rotating, intelligent LED headlights that track every movement of the vehicle. The typical 24-inch multi-spoke wheels are also more distinctive than ever, with their 3D printed elements and Obsidian finish. Not to mention the wonder of the roof, which is made of glass along the entire length of the car, capturing every ray of sunshine and every shining star in the night!

And that's nothing compared to what awaits you from the moment you open the doors: a cabin of the utmost luxury and equipped with the most avant-garde technologies. The interior, with its diamond piping and unique perforation patterns, is not only luxurious, but also built with durable materials. The utmost comfort, coupled with generous space and a premium audio system, will make you wish you never arrived at your destination.

What makes it a car of the future is also all the advanced technologies it is equipped with, starting with the three LED screens at the front. With their record-breaking dimensions, the 12.1-inch touch screen, the 12.3-inch digital display and the 10.25-inch passenger screen form a futuristic whole. Even each rear seat passenger has his or her own entertainment screen, including Wi-Fi compatibility, for even more fun on the road. For added convenience, rear-seat passengers are also equipped with a comfort control screen located behind the centre console.

The power and road versatility that characterized the first editions of the Wagoneer are also back and go even further. With its Quadra-Drive all-wheel drive, intelligent Quadra-Lift suspension and Selec-Terrain system, the SUV takes you where no other can. Power worthy of the American brand, as well as record-breaking towing capacity: that's what awaits you on board.

Following the green shift in Jeep's commitment to the environment, hybrid options will also be available. However, the American automaker makes no compromises: all the fun-to-drive, off-road modes and on-road solidity remain the same. Electrification means a quieter cabin, fuel-efficient choices and improved fuel economy, as well as exceptional power and capability.

So the Wagoneer is back on the road to be part of this great wave of change initiated by Jeep with the energy transition of its engines. It also brings back the image of an unforgettable figure, avant-gardist in its time, transforming itself into a futuristic figure of the 21st century, with cutting-edge technologies. The rugged SUV thus represents both the nostalgia of the 1960s to the 1990s and the modernity of our time, which it drives forward.

Galt Chrysler Has It All for You

Be on the lookout for the 2021-2022 Grand Wagoneer Concept at your Jeep Cambridge dealer, who will be pleased to introduce it to you. The dealership is staffed by automotive experts who will inform and guide you through the process of acquiring a new vehicle. With a wide variety of new and used cars, special offers and preferential financing rates, there is definitely a vehicle for you. Experienced professionals will make it a point of honour to offer you the best experience, whether it is in the sales or maintenance department.

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